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Pay attention to the drive of science and technology innovation in industry

Pay attention to the drive of science and technology innovation in industry

The conference was hosted by the China Industrial Textiles Association, the China Textile Engineering Society Industrial Textiles Specialized Committee and the people's Government of Xiqiao town. Gao Yong, Secretary General of the Party committee and Secretary General of the China Textile Industry Federation, vice president of the China Textile Industry Federation, President of the China Textile Industry Association, Li Lingshen, academician Sun Jinliang and Yu Jianyong of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Gao Yanmin, director of the consumer goods industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the industrial coordination of the national development and Reform Commission Director Li Ping, deputy director Xian Fulan of Nanhai District, deputy secretary of Xiqiao town Party committee, mayor Guan Haiquan, Chen Jingying of Xiqiao town Party committee, Du Qiang, chairman of Xiqiao sanitary supplies industry association of Foshan Nanhai District, Du Qiang and other national development and Reform Commission, China Sewing Machinery Association, China Textile Industry Federation and related departments and subordinates More than 300 members of the China Textile Industry Association attended the conference and attended the conference, which covered the entire industrial chain of textile industry, including fiber, accessories, and channel merchants.

At the meeting, the "China maternal and child health textiles demonstration base" awarded by Xiqiao town was honored by the honor of "the excellent public service platform of China's industrial textiles industry in 2017"

During the 22-23 day of June, three high quality development theme activities, such as the three enlargement of the fourth session of the middle class association, the promotion activities of textile light industry textile key achievements, the Intelligent Manufacturing Conference of non-woven fabric and the disposable sanitary ware development forum, not only reviewed the economic operation of the industrial textile industry in 2017. And the association guide the service industry, from the state to the new era of macro national policy to explore the financial and real economic integration of the industry's vane and booster role, but also focused on the industrial textile industry technology innovation, intelligent manufacturing, green development of the high quality promotion direction. There are many experts and professors sharing experience around research development and application, industry market trend analysis and so on. At the same time, through "entering the Xiqiao medical and health industry" activities in the field and Xiqiao sanitary products industry enterprises face to face, investigate the industrial environment in Xiqiao, promote regional characteristics development, contribute to the industry "13th Five-Year". Planning goals.

The high quality development conference of China's industrial textile industry is a national industry exchange platform for the research of the development trend of industrial textiles, which is known as the grand meeting of the national textile industry wind vane. The selection of the conference in Xiqiao marked the integration of Xiqiao sanitary products industry into the national industrial textile industrial chain system.

Xian Fulan, deputy director of the Nanhai District, expressed the hope that the industrial docking and cooperation should be strengthened by the high-end platform of the high quality conference, to promote the collaborative innovation of the industrial chain, to promote the high quality development of the sanitary products industry in China and to enhance the market competitiveness of the health goods industry in Xiqiao.

Breakthrough: optimizing the industrial structure

The effect of the industrial cluster of sanitary products highlights

Xiqiao Town, as the birthplace of modern textile industry, the country famous textile, early in the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, Xiqiao has a "wide gauze a world, silk reputation Shenzhou" reputation. At present, the town of Xiqiao relies on a good textile industry base to "March" to the subdivision of sanitary textiles. In the town, there are more than 30 health supplies, such as textile production, packaging materials and equipment manufacturing, on the upper and lower reaches of the town and the downstream enterprises, which have been used as the leading industry group with the diapers, sanitary napkins and other sanitary articles, and have been awarded the "China maternal and child health textiles demonstration base" granted by the China Textile Industry Association. "National number sign."

"The whole textile industry in Xiqiao is now developing very well. In 2017, the Xiqiao textile equipment renewal investment was over 1 billion yuan, and more than 1000 sets of global leading textile equipment were added. At the same time, the total output value of Xiqiao town health products industry is 2 billion 500 million yuan, and the industry tax is 87 million yuan. In the next few years, the total output value of health products will reach 4 billion yuan and the tax revenue will exceed 100 million yuan. Meanwhile, a number of new enterprises have been located in Xiqiao, covering product manufacturing, raw material manufacturing and machinery manufacturing. Xiqiao town Party committee deputy secretary and mayor Guan Haiquan introduced. Xiqiao sanitary ware industry has developed rapidly, and has grown into an important growth pole of the town's economy in just a few years, thus promoting the optimization and upgrading of Xiqiao's industrial structure. Behind this is the efforts made by the people's Government of Xiqiao town to optimize the industrial structure and improve the quality of the industry in recent years.

In recent years, Xiqiao Town, around the "new kinetic energy, new development, new economy" development path, in the optimization and promotion of the traditional textile industry, while vigorously introducing the health supplies industry and downstream supporting enterprises, continuous improvement of the chain of sanitary supplies industry chain, to create a sanitary product industrial agglomeration area. In the implementation of the last round of energy saving and emission reduction policies, Xiqiao has shut down a number of inefficient and seriously polluted enterprises, and introduced new industries to the original land. "Next, Xiqiao town will further enhance the business environment, reserve high quality land, cultivate a number of high-tech enterprises, to form a number of influential and brand health products industry leading enterprises. We should speed up the introduction, cultivation and rise of new growth points such as hygiene products, food, advanced equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection industries. Important measures include: the construction of the Xiqiao Southern China International Textile City, the first investment of 4 billion yuan, for this year to work, to increase the construction of the textile industry infrastructure; the preparation of new consumer products industry base project related land, recently already