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What new breakthroughs in the 2018 planning of the textile industry

The slow recovery of the world economy has affected the export of China's textile products in the near future, but it also brings opportunities. Some enterprises have "gone out", transnational allocation of technical resources, innovative resources, marketing resources, management resources and manufacturing resources. Chinese enterprises go out of investment, not only have entered the developing countries, but also entered the developed countries. Due to the outstanding performance of China's textile and garment industry technology, manufacturing system and brand, some independent brands have gone abroad, entered the international market and realized the industry landing.

Secondly, China's unique industrial strength, resource conditions and domestic demand as the world's second largest economy, especially the implementation of China made 2025 plan, has created favorable opportunities for China's textile industry to upgrade.

It is conditional, basic and market for China's textile and garment industry to accelerate the industrial upgrading under the new normal condition. China is the largest textile and apparel industry in the world with the largest scale, the most complete variety, the most fullest industrial distribution network, the largest potential in the domestic market and the leading market share in the world. China has almost all the most advanced manufacturing technology and equipment in the world. Due to the full participation in international competition, the level of technical equipment, product adaptation and development ability of China's textile and garment industry have been greatly improved. Though China's economic development has changed from high speed to high speed, China's domestic demand market is still the largest and most potential market in the world, which is still valued by the world. At present, the domestic market of China has changed from the expansion of the homogenization to the high price ratio and the individualized growth. As China's economic growth continues to increase the driving force of consumption, China's domestic market will show greater impetus to the textile and garment industry.

Third, some of the major developed countries re industrialization process had to spend time effort previously digested "missing the industrial structure to industrialization caused by the slow recovery of the economy and overcome the restrictions caused by the China to seize the" third industrial revolution "initiative, provides a favorable opportunity to speed the construction of textile power. So far, China's textile and garment industry has already possessed the realistic foundation and favorable environment for industrial upgrading. As long as we seize the opportunity of new industrial transformation, China's textile industry is expected to achieve the goal of becoming stronger from 5 to 10 years.

Finally, China and advanced industrialized countries to enter the synchronous Internet plus, big data, cloud computing is the symbol of the cloud era, this is the integration of international innovation resources, to explore the creation of industrial value ecosystem has China characteristics, expand the favorable opportunity of industry value new growth space.