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China\'s textile industry has accelerated the layout of overseas competition to build new competitive advantages

Xu Yingxin, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, said in an interview with reporters 26, "with the opening up step increasing, Chinese textile enterprises will accelerate the integration of the global industrial chain and create a new competitive edge in the world with the new mode of sharing and collaborative manufacturing of Chinese textile enterprises. In 2018, will strengthen docking with the "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions, to promote international cooperation in textile field capacity especially the construction of overseas cooperation park.

Over the past year, the formation of all-round opening up a new pattern to accelerate China's textile industry, to further expand the scope, level, structure and layout, by "going out" to the chain of high-quality resources and advanced R & D capability and technology, terminal channels and other areas of investment and purchase, the formation of new advantages gradually.

Among them, or a formal agreement, sun Wuxi cotton textile enterprises have more than 20 home Chinese signed a memorandum of cooperation with Ethiopia investment; Huafu, YOUNGOR and other enterprises in the textile investment in Vietnam has over 2 million 500 thousand total ingot; many large enterprises have the basic construction of knitted apparel orders mode of domestic and Southeast Asia production closely; in France, Italy and other countries and regions, Chinese textile enterprises are speeding up the layout of fashion industry, enhance the added value of textiles by sharing a.

Xu Ying said that since March this year, Chinese textile international production cooperative enterprise alliance was founded, more and more textile enterprises to join, by pushing "sea" to reduce the production cost, to jointly resist the disorderly competition, promote international cooperation and docking capacity quality projects. At present, the export of China's textile industry reaches 300 billion US dollars.

Next, the textile industry will achieve global markets with global resources and cultivate a number of transnational manufacturing enterprises and fashion groups. China textile international capacity cooperation enterprise alliance will build a smooth channel between the domestic preferential financial resources and the overseas financing needs of the enterprises to help "go out".

At the 2018 national industrial and informatization conference held here, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and commerce, said that the Ministry of industry and Commerce will strengthen the international production capacity cooperation in manufacturing, especially in textile and building materials fields, and promote the construction of overseas cooperation parks, so as to properly cope with trade and investment frictions.

The Ministry of industry and Commerce will timely introduce the guiding opinions on the linkage layout of textile industry at home and abroad, clarify specific supporting policies, encourage enterprises to build overseas raw material bases such as cotton and wool, and strengthen the target market's brand building and channel development capabilities.